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Skateboard Surfskate - Globe Thumpy Surf Skate - Storm Cats 30"

Skateboard Surfskate - Globe Thumpy Surf Skate - Storm Cats 30"

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Globe Thumpy Surfskate - Storm Cats

Wide short-wheelbase cruiser with Slant surf/skate trucks for a surf-like carving experience the Thumpy 30" in Storm Cats features a Resin-7 hard rock maple paint dipped deck with mellow concave and kicktail.

Slant Surf/Skate Trucks

Globe Surf/Skate boards come standard with SlantTM Magnesium Surf/Skate Trucks. They’re roughly 25% lighter than aluminum trucks, have a lower center of gravity with integrated riser pads, and are backed by the Slant trucks guarantee.
Our boards can be pumped to generate momentum, or pushed like a normal cruiser. They are skateboards after all.

Flatsider Wheels

Soft, flat-faced wheel with rounded lip and wide riding surface for a cruiser feel that breaks free easily into slides. Holds turns and slides consistently, while featuring stoneground for traction from the first push.

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