Skateboard Surfskate - Globe Chromantic Surf Skate Last In | 33" Fullset

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Globe Chromantic Surf Skate Last In | 33" Complete

It’s not training… Globe is just living out what they love. Skateboarding, surfing, and walking an alternate path is in the DNA of Globe.

Globe's skate and surf teams see performance and style differently than the traditional pathway of competitions and judges. Why treat this series of boards any differently?!

Globe Surf Skate boards come standard with precision engineered Magnesium Slant Surf Skate Trucks. Magnesium and hollow axles makes the Slant Surf Skate Truck 20% lighter than aluminium surf skate trucks.

Globe's boards can be pumped to generate momentum, or pushed like a normal cruiser. They are skateboards after all!

Key Features:

Length: 33″
Width: 9.5″
Wheelbase: 22.25″
Resin-7 hard rock maple
Mellow side to side concave
Slant Surf Skate Trucks
65mm x 83a Softsider wheels
Split black griptape with top print
Artist: Max Loeffler