Skateboard KFD Progressive Moses Pro Model Pray 8" Complete / Jual Skateboard Fullset

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KFD Progressive Moses Pro Model Pray 8" Complete Skateboard

KFD Skateboards, est. 2001, epitomises the chaotic spirit of adventure, progression and community that remain ritualised through skateboarding. KFD Skateboards celebrates the adventure skateboarding takes you on, the challenges you overcome and the motley crew you connect with – Seeking, Connecting, Destroying, Good Times.

 Designed by USA professional skateboard team, this KFD Skateboards Progressive Complete Skateboard makes an ideal choice for both beginner skateboarders and more skilled riders. The quality and durable skateboard offers a reliable riding surface with great traction, developed in the key areas to help you progress faster. Solid metal, diecast trucks increase stability and control while ABEC-7 bearings deliver a smooth ride every time. Perfect for both street skating and skateparks, this board's quality construction lets you kickflip, ollie, and skate with confidence.